Presently we are updating this website. It really really needs it! If there is anything you want to know that you can't find, please feel free to email 
or use the contact us page (that one has been left alone so it should still work!). Hope to be all updated soon. Since I have opened a new class and am finally having my own socials, we needed to change things around a bit. I'm no expert so it's not the quickest of jobs lol. 

I will be starting a new beginners course soon. It will be Thursday evenings but am still looking for a hall. Probably around Blockhouse Bay, Lynfield, Mt Roskill, Hillsborough area.

Please contact Karen if you are interested in possibly joining us. 
027 226 9481   or   [email protected]
That way we can let you know details once it's finalised.

If you're on Facebook, join our group! 


  Just One Dance

I Was Born Yesterday


I started linedancing at the end of July 2009. Between June 2010 and December 2012 I taught when other teachers were sick or on holiday. Wasn't really planning on having my own classes yet, but when a teacher asked me to take over one of her classes for her at the beginning of 2013 I couldn't say no. Then another teacher was moving out of the city so I took over that class too. Kind of nice to start with two established classes. I then added a beginner class and we have started having socials. Please check the classes page for details. 

Life In Sunshine